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Not sure what to do with that troublesome employee or what your rights as an employer are?

  • Is it impacting on other colleagues and productivity?
  • Worried that winter will increase absenteeism?
  • Concerned that the Christmas season will raise issues?
  • Not sure what to do with troublesome employees and what your rights as an employer are?

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We’ve been advising employers on their rights, solutions and strategies for over 20 years. For many years now employment law has become increasingly more complicated with the rights of employees taking center stage. It can therefore be difficult to know what rights you have as an employer and the best way to approach challenging employees and situations.

We have worked with hundreds of employers advising them on how to manage challenging employee issues and how they can resolve them. The ideal scenario with a challenging employee is that you can resolve the issue and bring that member of staff back on board and working productively.

We can advise you on various strategies and ideas of how you can achieve this.

If it is not possible to get the employee back on track, we will provide a solution to your problems, and we can help you remove non-performing employees in the correct and legal manner. We can even do it all for you, carrying out the disciplinary hearing and dismissing the employee.

Whatever your situation is, don’t let it continue. It’s distracting, frustrating, diverting and affects productivity. The belief that it will change or get better is often flawed and unrealistic. Get advice now and find a solution.

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