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Company Handbooks
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Are they just troublesome documents?

Are they really necessary?

Unfortunately, it is often overlooked by SMEs that this documentation is a legal requirement of employing staff.

If you do not give these essential documents to your employees they can take you to an Employment Tribunal and could win an award equivalent to four weeks pay.

Although your staff may know this and the other legally required information already, it does need to be written down in set a format. Company Handbooks are required for informing staff about current Employment Law and HR Policies. Thankfully, Absolutely HR, HR Advisors in Edinburgh, can help you with all kinds of Employment Law situations and issues.

Handbooks also outline best practice, including:

  • How to discipline employees
  • How staff may raise grievances
  • Staff illness and absence reporting
  • Maternity leave/paternity leave/adoption leave
  • Holidays

We also ensure that suitable HR Policies are put in place to protect your business, this includes guidance on:

  • Intellectual Property
  • E-mail, Internet & Social Media Policy
  • Breach of Contract
  • Conditions applying post employees leaving or being terminated

These lists are not exhaustive, but they form the core of the company policies of which your employees must be informed.

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