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So, no matter what you have done, you have received paperwork from the Employment Tribunal.

What do you do next? Panic?

No. Time to call Absolutely HR Limited.

Absolutely HR, Employment Law advisors in Edinburgh, have been dealing with Employment Tribunal cases and across Scotland, representing employers for over 10 years. Our close-knit team at Absolutely HR are known for our an excellent track record. We are aware that employers feel that each year cases seem to get more complex, so we will keep things simple.

Since 2009/10, the number of Employment Tribunal claims has risen by 58% in the UK to 236,000 claims. The average award in unfair dismissal cases is £9120, with the average cost to defend the claim being £4000.

This translates to UK business paying nearly £1 billion to defend themselves against the cases brought, which breaks down to 907 cases per day, or roughly 113 per working hour.

Compliance is always the best way of ensuring that you don’t end up as an employer forming part of this statistic. That is why we put a bespoke solution in place to help you stay compliant.

However, sometimes, no matter what you do as an employer it can, and does, happen.

We can work on the case for you, even when we have not provided any information or advice in the lead up to the case. Absolutely HR will meet with you, discuss the claim against your company and provide advice as to how to best to handle matters. Working with you, we can complete the ET3 (required to defend the case) and submit this on your behalf.

Our support and advice also encompasses dealing with ACAS or even Compromise Agreements.

The Government plans changes in 2013 bringing into effect costs to bring a claim. As always, we will keep our clients aware of these changes and the implications of them, and others, as the changes happen.

While our services are bespoke, they need not cost the earth. Our packages are tailor made to suit our clients’ needs.

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