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Contracts of Employment
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Just paperwork?


Essential documentation.

By law this is part of the documentation which is required under the Employment Rights Act 1996.

If you do not give such essential documents to your employees they can take you to an Employment Tribunal and they could win an award equivalent to four weeks pay.

All staff, whether temporary or permanent, part time or full time, need a written statement of conditions covering matters which include:

  • Pay rate and conditions
  • How they are paid (Cash, BACS, Cheque, etc)
  • Set hours
  • Holidays
  • Attendance and absence from work
  • Illness: sick pay entitlement

We ensure that everyone who works with you knows what they have and what they need to do.

  • We do not send you standardised contracts or provide a template for you to make the contract up
  • We take relevant information from you and create the contract required specifically for you
  • We arrange to sit with you and your staff and explain your new Contracts of Employment, before completing the signing

We provide bespoke solutions to client needs for Contracts of Employment and Company Handbooks. This may involve Health and Safety legislation as well as Employment Law.

In addition there are potential changes if the law changes and we ensure that our clients remain up to date with all developments.

Although your staff generally know this and the other legally required information already, it does need to be written down in set a format.

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