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Everything Is Free

Everything Is Free

Fuel Duty Freeze

Ok, so hopefully you are reading this, as the headline grabbed your attention.

And sorry, it’s not the 13th month, so I am afraid we still have to charge commercially.

However, yesterdays announcements from our good old Chancellor, of he of the keys to the public purse, managed to significantly annoy me, more than the usual pronouncements from self serving politicians.

As Mark Twain said, “how do you know if a politician is lying, watch his lips and hear him speak” or words to that effect.

So our Chancellor decides to say at his party conference, that if they can find the money, they will freeze fuel duty until 2015.

The money is still to be found for this and is expected to be £0.75 Billion. Not a small or insignificant sum.

And, they still have a deficit to deal with.

Why do people fall for this?

Looked up several papers this morning to see if anyone had the figure and out of 4 proper papers, not the red tops, not one had the actual sum of money in the article.

We can all promise anything we want, with that kind of a caveat.

Would I be running my company properly, if I simply said, I will give you free HR Support, if I can find the money to pay for it. If I did would anyone believe me?

I doubt it, but the COE is allowed to stand up at his party conference and make this a statement and have it reported as such.

Further, as we have a Coalition Government, is this now a Coalition policy as well then. Why don’t we have a Coalition Party Conference then instead of both Tory and Liberal Conferences, shouldn’t they be the same thing after all?

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