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Is a Zero Hour Contract A Good Or Bad Thing To Use?

Is a Zero Hour Contract A Good Or Bad Thing To Use?

So Zero hour contracts have been coming in for some flack in the press recently.

Are they a good or bad thing then?

Whose side do you fall on, business or tabloid press?

We use them for clients, where there is a fluid employment situation on both sides, given that sometimes, you need people when you need them as a client and that gives the flexibility required.

One major point missed by the press, is that if they were banned, it would result in a fall in employment, so more unemployed people, as it is not as simple as it seems.

However, when has the tabloid press ever gotten in depth and not facile over the issues.

None the less, for a lot of clients, they are a great way to smooth out the necessary peaks and trough’s in their companies as to when they want and need staff.

If you want to find out more about can or should you use them, and get to the real way of utilising what the best way of employing your staff is and whether they are a suitable vehicle for your company to use, please call us and we can help.

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