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It’s What We Do

It’s What We Do

Well been relatively busy on this old Facebook business page and now have 193 likes. Mission was to get to 200 then get to 500. So first goal nearly achieved. Come on, only another 7 to go.

Many thanks to all of you who have clicked and more so to those who interact.

The goal here is really interaction and information. Information and knowledge is key in any walk of like but especially when you deal with what we do in HR and Employment Law.

We keep posting on what is happening, as there tends to be not so much out there in the general public domain.

We recognise that this isn’t sexy and not something that most people are interested in, but if you are in the UK, run a business and employ staff, you need to know this.

We aren’t talking about the Shell/BP’s of this world however. They have enough solicitors and large HR departments.

For us, our passion in doing this is based on our clients and indeed potential clients. We hate to see business going about what they do and having to put up with poor or non performing staff through fear that if they discipline or try to dismiss them they will end up in a Tribunal.

SME support is what we do. In Scotland an SME is really anyone from several £ooo turnover to up to £2 -£5 million in turnover.

It can be expensive to employ someone specifically for HR in your company and even more so to engage a solicitor.

We then can give advice and practical hands on commercial led advice at that.

Unlike a lot of our competition, we don’t sign you up to 5 year contracts, or have a call centre. Its ourselves who give the advice and we don’t tell you what you can’t do, but what you can do, based on what you want to do.

We can also now provide insurance backed protection against Employment Tribunal proceedings.

If you have any questions, please ask, as there is no cost for a simple question.

We also carry out a free HR Health Check on your business, before you engage us. We can’t say fairer than that.

So, any questions, any issues, put us to the test and give us a call. 0131 331 2735 or 07970 797 544.

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