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So Protected Conversations are finally with us.

What you say, is a “Protected Conversation”?

Can you finally tell your boss exactly what you think of them, without fear of reprisal or being sacked?

Not quite. But we do have a new piece of Employment Law with us, in the new “Protected Conversation”.

So, what is this, I hear everyone ask?

In short, it is designed to have a private conversation with an employee by their employer. It does not require any pre warning, letters, or a right to be accompanied.

It is now law, and has been since the 29th July 2013.

One of the Coalition’s latest attempts to as they put it “have a bonfire of red tape” around in this case Employment Law Legislation.

It is designed to be off the record to the Employment Tribunal and to not allow an employee to record or take into account anything about any possible part of the conversation regarding a dismissal.

How is it supposed to work in practice?

Well, good question, I hear you all asking.

If I were an employee, and my boss asked me into his office one on one for a “Protected Conversation” my first question would be around why? and then what for?

Employee’s don’t seem to be able to protest or not go, but on this, it would appear to be at the very least a work in progress, as it is so new, that no one seems to know quite what to do with it.

Also, it is not a panacea, as it only covers anything to do with Unfair Dismissal. So if you go onto shaky ground about disability, sex, or any other form of discrimination or likely discrimination then, it is all a safe bet to inform the Employment Tribunal about these parts of the conversation and would likely lead to the whole of the so called “Protected” part being exposed to the light of an Employment Tribunal.

So, yet again, new law, which on the face of it seems like (for fair employers) it may help, but may end up doing more harm in the long run.

Would love to know what anyone else thinks of this.

Before anyone condemns us, please remember, I am only trying to inform. Any opinions are not legal advice and should not be construed as such. All opinions are our own.

Also please remember, that the new updated Tribunals also allow unscrupulous employers, who abuse their staff to be fined as well, then they loose Employment Tribunals.

It would be good to have a positive discussion on what are the latest and widest ranging changes to UK Employment Law in years.

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